The project

A low-impact high-voltage underground cable system

Greenconnector is a bi-directional HVDC interconnector project between Italy (Lombardy) and Switzerland (Graubünden).
The design power is 1000 MW, with continuous overload at 1100 MW and peak overload at 1200 MW. The DC voltage is +/-400 kV DC. Greenconnector uses underground and submarine DC cables throughout its route, rather than overhead lines. Great part of the cables route will exploit a section of an existing oil pipeline, no longer in service.

News & Events


Jun 17

"Good Practice of the Year" award ceremony

The Greenconnector project has been selected by the Renewables Grid Initiative "Good Practice of the Year" award jury as one of the favourite practices in the "Environmental Protection" category. As a relevant and applaudable practice, Greenconnector appears in the award brochure that has been presented at the award ceremony at the European Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen on June 1, 2017.